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About Counselling--
As a Counsellor I am often asked; "What kind of problems do people bring to Counselling?" People go to Counselling for all kinds of reasons; following a bereavement or divorce, stress at work or school, depression or low self-esteem. There are many other factors that can leave people feeling alone and overwhelmed with hopelessness.

Some people just want help with a life transition- we are often told"life begins at 40", but for many this also can mean a identity or purpose crises.This can be a time to examine and re-evaluate ourselves and aspects of our lives.

Another difficult time is the Teenage years when the transition from childhood to adult world takes place and does also responsibility, this can be a very critical time for a young person, were in so many cases there's a sense of loss.Using mindfulness helps them accept and discover who and where they are at that time.

Counselling is a healing process, some say it heals the Soul, some say it heals the spirit others say it heals your heart, all it's needed it's a willingness within to receive this healing , that's given on a non-judgmental, emphatic , congruent and unconditional positive regard and in a place where the client is given permission to be 100%individual self. I work ethically following the BACP ethical framework which covers all aspects of working in an ethical way.

What are the benefits?- Counselling has frequently been referred to as a journey taken inwardly, and, like most journeys, it has its high and low points, with interesting landscapes to enjoy at times and bumpy rides. Counselling is a process that can lead to personal development, self-awareness and personal growth.
About Coaching--- I normally say Coaching is to think outside the box or to visualize your "perfect" self and work towards that goal. Whether in a personal or professional level,Coaching enables you to reach the best you can be.Coaching is; helping you to get to from where you are now to where you want to be!

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